Make an Impact

Want your gift to be specific? Meaningful? It’s easy as 1 2 3!

1) Choose an item from the list below, 2) go to Donate Now and 3) list your item in the “gift designation” box.

Interested in items at or under $100?
$100 purchases a Smith-Victor boom light, which allows faculty to light models, still lives & interior scenes. $90 purchases a comfortable drafting stool for illustrators while penning their work. $25 provides a gift card for art supplies from the Art Store, or a gift card for food from the Cafe, for one student.

Interested in items over $100 up to $500?
$250 purchases a sturdy metal Klopfenstein easel, a perennial favorite in all our painting studios. $300 purchases a Wacom tablet, a drawing tool used by illustrators in the Digital Studio when creating digital works of art. $200 purchases an annual membership to the nonprofit International Sculpture Center. $350 purchases an outdoor grill for school barbecues and special events. $500 purchases a file cabinet and table for one senior studio.

Interested in items over $500 but under $1,000?
$850 purchases an Epson portable projector with cart and screen, an important teaching tool for use in the studios, allowing faculty and students to share work and ideas. $600 purchases an Atlas Sand Blasting cabinet for the casting studio, which allows students to finish bronze sculptures on site.
$600 purchases an Olympus digital camera, an indispensable tool for archiving student, faculty and alumni art work. $800 purchases an LCD flat screen monitor with a DVD player built in to feature art work at exhibitions and to share information with prospective students.

Interested in items over $1,000 up to $5,000?
$3,000 provides campus employment for one student for one academic year (10 hours per week. $1,400 purchases a Panasonic portable LCD wireless projector with screen, an important teaching tool for use in the studios. $2,500 provides a stipend for faculty members to support creation of art projects. $5,000 underwrites professional development expenses for faculty. $2,500 underwrites professional development for staff members, for the President to meet with other art college administrators, or for the Dean to meet with other art college administrators. $1,685 provides a full scholarship (tuition and fees) for one, two-week Pre-College summer student;$2,535 provides a full scholarship (tuition and fees) for one, three-week Pre-College summer student, including one week of portfolio development for college admission.

Interested in items over $5,000?
$7,500 documents student progress by capturing and archiving images of their work with professional photography. $21,792 funds full tuition for one student for one year. $15,000 provides campus employment at 10 hours per week for five students for one academic year. Provide partial scholarship assistance for one student in amounts of $7,500, $10,000, $12,500 or $15,000. $8,500 underwrites travel expenses for one Admissions Representative for one year, covering 18 local, regional or national trips to recruit BFA students.

Thank you for your support of quality fine arts education!