Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts program supports the B.F.A. Program by developing in students a rich understanding of the cultural, social, historical, and scientific context of the world they will enter upon graduation. Courses in Liberal Arts are taught in a logical and effective sequence that supports each student’s intellectual development. They are designed to meet the General Education requirements of NEASC and other relevant accreditation agencies and to be pertinent and intellectually engaging to the developing artist. The Liberal Arts program also offers an Art History Minor, requiring the completion of an additional series of art history courses selected under the advisement of the Chair of Liberal Arts.

Minor in Art History

The minor in Art History requires six additional credits of upper-level art history coursework, in addition to the 15 credits required of all BFA candidates. A minimum grade of B- must be sustained in each course.

A Selected List of Upper-Level Courses Offered:

Ancient Greek and Roman Sculpture
Early Renaissance Art
Leonardo Da Vinci: Theories of Art And Science
High Renaissance Art
Art in Florence 1300-1680
Northern Renaissance Art
The Life and Work of Michelangelo
Baroque and Rococo Art and Architecture
Art in Europe from 1750-1850
The Painting of Modern Life: Life and Work of Manet
Early Twentieth-Century Art
Art Since 1945
The Body in Modern and Contemporary Art
American Art from 1750-1940
Women and Art in History
Making & Taking: Art and Photography