The 120-credit Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration develops each student’s ability to create compelling and effective visual communication, built on a solid grounding in drawing, design, painting, liberal arts, and art history. The development of drawing abilities and competency in anatomy provides students with the high level of technical skill that supports a personal vision as an artist and communicator, where creativity is enabled by craft.

Specialized Illustration courses focus on the development of each student’s ability to convey information, tell stories and express ideas through image making. Skill development includes idea generation, professional collaboration, and digital production. Technology is integrated into the curriculum as a means to communicate, create and collaborate, alongside and in conjunction with traditional art-making processes. Professional planning, production and presentation skills are advanced throughout the program, as well as an understanding of Illustration and its companion industries.

Content is structured in an ordered sequence to develop progressively student comprehension and mastery. Elective courses and independent studies with the College’s skilled faculty enable students to augment the core curriculum to advance individual areas of interest, including printmaking, digital image manipulation, animation, and video.