Open Printmaking Studio


Please note: Open to students who have previously studied with Nancy Friese and have printmaking experience.


Creating successful prints requires extra care in cleanliness and upkeep by each member of the studio. Each student needs to be willing to do more than his/her share FOR SAFETY AND GOOD STUDIO ETIQUETTE. Clivic engagement in the studio factors into one’s grade. A resolved and professional print experience can occur in a good communal studio.
+ Put any paper towels with ferric chloride or solvent on them into the large hazardous red waste can.
+ Wear gloves whenever using any inks or solvents. Always wear protective glasses if using acid.
+ Rinse any acid spill in eye or skin with 15 minutes of COLD water. call 911 or go to ER.
+ Keep overhead fan on (switch near closet door) when working in the studio.
+ Clean up a space before you use it. Clean up an area after you use it. Throw away debris, sweep the area if it is dirty. Pick up paper cups, rags, or any ink remnants. Keep every group area cleaner than when you arrived. Put new brown paper down on tables if dirty.
+ Put away solvents, close the tops of solvents (alcohol and odorless turpentine, lithotine,etc.) Turn off hotplate before you leave the studio.
+ Put lids on all ink tubes, clean up glass palettes first with odorless turpenoid or water and then with alcohol. Do not use the lithography sponges to do print shop cleanup. Clean any small dish containers or lithography bowls very well so no grease or ink remains.
+ Put away your supplies in your hall locker or on your shelf in the wooden case. Do not leave your supplies out in piles on tabletops. Put away your paper and copper plates in your hall lockers.
+ Do not leave supplies on paper rack as storage. The paper rack is only for immediate use when a print is drying not for storage. It will be culled and dry works will be put on top of the wood storage shelves.
= Keep blotters near water tray and in drying table clean and carefully stacked.
+ Do everything possible to keep the studio clean and running for the greater good.
+ Do not spill over into your peers working space. Do not leave prints up on the studio walls; keep your prints on your shelf or in hallway exhibition space only.
+ Play music only through earsets.
+ Keep both sink areas clean. Put all supplies put back where they belong. .
Use with gloves and with ventilation fan on.
Use sparingly and carefully. RED
equals Mineral Spirits, Turpentine, or Gamsol
(removes ink, asphaltum, grounds, cleans ink slabs, rollers)
equals Alcohol
(removes aquatint, rosin and use as final cleaner on all glass ink slabs )
equals Vartine or Lithotine for washouts (keep by litho workstations only)
Refill each time the bottle is empty. Keep containers clean.

Printing a Monotype, Linocut, Etching
Place in this order starting from the press bed.
Press Bed
Printing paper Newsprint
Thin Felt (your own) Thick Felt
Leader Felt (medium) Roller
Embossment on print should be equal on all sides Turn clockwise to tighten pressure
Turn counterclockwise to loosen pressure

for ball hard or soft grounds
for 15 Minutes so rosin can crystalize and adhere in aquatint
Turn off heating plate when done. Do not leave on.