Step 10: Get Your Student ID Card

New students are offered the opportunity to submit their initial Charger Card ID photo online through Blackboard.

The photo you submit must satisfy the following requirements and is subject to approval by Charger Card staff:

Photos that do not meet these requirements will not be used. New students should submit their ID photo prior to coming to campus for the Fall semester.  You will receive your student ID card upon arrival to campus.

Deadline:  Before you come to Campus for the Fall semester

Log into myCharger and select the Blackboard link to upload your photo!

What do I need to do to complete this step?
  • Read the information about obtaining your student ID card.
  • Click the button below to sign into myCharger to go to Blackboard and submit your ID photo.
  • Once you have uploaded your ID photo in Blackboard, return to this page to proceed to Step 12.