Pre-Arrival Information

Here is some helpful information to get you started on a few important tasks before you arrive on campus.

Accessing the insideUNH Student Portal and Other Online Systems

InsideUNH is an online student portal that allows you one-stop access to a variety of services - including Banner (our student records and registration system), Blackboard (our online course delivery platform), your student email, and more.

By early August you will receive an email containing your student ID and instructions on how to sign in to these systems. This will allow you to view your schedule, verify your personal information, enter emergency contact information, access your student email, and access Blackboard. Inside Blackboard you will find syllabi with books and materials lists, as well as a link to upload a photo for your student ID. You will receive your student ID card during orientation.

Class Schedules

Incoming students will receive access to schedules through Banner web and orientation details in early August. Incoming freshman are assigned their first semester of courses based off of the foundation year.

Transfer and Advanced Placement Credit

The Office of Admissions and Academic Affairs works to coordinate the review of any credits eligible for transfer, including the evaluation of all Advanced Placement courses.

Books and Supplies

Book requirements can be found on Blackboard which can be accessed through banner web approximately 30 days prior to the start of each semester. Please note that textbooks are made available exclusively online. Art supplies are available in the College’s Art Store.

What do I need to do to complete this step?
  • Read the information about insideUNH access and login to the system. Click the button below to access insideUNH in a new window.
  • Read the information about obtaining your student ID card and class schedule.
  • Use the provided supplies list and plan to obtain the necessary supplies before arriving to campus on your first day.