Step 8: Placement Exams and Class Schedules

Transfer and Advanced Placement Credit

The Office of Admissions and Academic Affairs works to coordinate the review of any credits eligible for transfer, including the evaluation of all Advanced Placement courses.

Placement Exams

The courses you need to begin with include foundation courses from the “Core Curriculum” as well as from your major, and may also include math and science courses that must be taken before more advanced courses for your major.  The Core Curriculum is required of all students and contributes to making you into a “college graduate.”  Depending on your major, you may also be able to take elective courses chosen on the basis of interest or the guidance of your faculty advisor. 

Placement exams are to be completed through Blackboard.  These exams are designed to be taken on traditional computers.  Please avoid taking tests on mobile phones or tablets!

Class Schedules

Incoming students will receive access to schedules through Banner web and orientation details in early August. Incoming freshman are assigned their first semester of courses based off of the foundation year.

Class schedules are emailed to new students by the end of July.  Upon arrival to campus students may meet with a faculty advisor to discuss changes to their schedules, if necessary.


Deadline:  Before Arriving to Campus for the Fall semester


Take the Placement Exams online by logging into the MyCharger student portal to access Blackboard!

What do I need to do to complete this step?
  • Take placement exams to determine the appropriate level of math, English and (if applicable) modern language courses
  • The placement exams are designed to be taken on traditional computers.  Please avoid taking tests on mobile phones or tablets.
  • Use the link below to log into the myCharger student portal.  Log in with your username and password.  Once logged in, access Blackboard and click on the course called “Welcome Center for New Students” to get started.
  • Make sure you log into the myCharger student portal at the end of July to access your email so you receive your class schedule for the Fall semester!