Road Map for New Students


We are so thrilled that you will be joining the Lyme Academy College and University of New Haven community. Officially becoming a college student requires a lot of coordination. Part of our commitment to making the transition to college life as easy as possible for our new students is the creation of this website: The Road Map for New Students.

This website is a collection of steps you need to complete along the road to officially becoming a student at Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts this fall. Use this site to start your journey to enrolling at Lyme Academy College.  Be sure to read and complete all of the steps listed. There are several with important deadlines. Since the steps along the Road Map need to be completed at varying times between now and the fall, you’ll need to track your progress carefully to ensure that you meet deadlines.

It may not always be possible to complete the steps in order - and that’s fine. As long as you complete all of the steps by each of the specified deadlines, you will be ready for classes in the fall. 

If you have any questions as you complete each step of the Road Map there is contact information for a helpful staff member or office located in the left column of every step. If you can’t figure out what to do, or have a question about completing a task or form, please reach out for assistance.

Congratulations, and welcome to the Lyme family we look forward to welcoming you to campus this fall!

To begin along the Road Map for New Undergraduate Students, simply click Step 1 below.

Lyme Admissions Team

Road Map Steps

Step 1: Complete the FAFSA and Provide Additional Information

Step 2: Submit Proof of Physical Exam and Required Immunizations

Step 3: Read about the Accessibility Resources Center

Step 4: Complete Housing Arrangements

Step 5:  Submit Final High School / College Transcripts and AP/IB or A-Level Scores

Step 6: Pay Your Tuition Bill and Waive University-Sponsored Health Insurance

Step 7: Accessing myCharger

Step 8: Placement Exams and Class Schedules

Step 9: Register for Parking Permit

Step 10: Get Your Student ID Card

Step 11: Books & Supplies

Step 12: Attend Welcome to Campus Day and Orientation

Step 13: Quick Guide to Local Services