History of Art II


Course Description:
This course surveys the history of art in the western tradition, c.1300-1900, and introduces students to essential tools of historical research and art criticism.

Course Learning Objectives:
By engaging in the activities of the course and fulfilling all its requirements, you will be able to:
o   Interpret aspects of the material and expressive culture of Europe and America c. 1300 -1900.
o   Analyze the expressive artifacts of artists practicing in the Western tradition c.1300 -1900.
o   Engage with a range of scholarship on artworks and their historical contexts.
o Identify and analyze major works of Western art, c.1300 -1900.
o Research an artwork using library resources.
o Develop and write an original argument about a work of art.
o Discuss the role of the Western canon in a global context.
o Discuss and employ major theoretical frameworks for interpreting works of art.

The majority of readings are drawn from Marilyn Stokstad and Michael Cothren, Art History, 4th edition, volume II. Additional required readings, websites and videos not listed in this syllabus will be circulated over the course of the semester as handouts, links or PDFs posted to the course website. Required readings and other media for each week are listed beneath the lecture title.
The course reserve shelf also holds a number of books about writing. Please refer to these as you begin work on your papers.