Lecture by Ellen Frank, Ph.D.

Sparking Light from Darkness: Transforming Anguish into Beauty

Baghdad: City of Peace, Truly, 22 karat gold leaf, palladium leaf, & 23½ moon gold

The lecture will focus on the work of “Cities of Peace” to celebrate cities in rubble for their unique histories and their power to inspire hope and action among their demoralized citizens. As “Cities of Peace” illustrates the power of artistic engagement to help build a global culture of understanding, it also celebrates the best of the human spirit.

“Cities of Peace” honors the history and culture of various cities that have experienced major conflict and trauma, including Baghdad, Beijing, Hiroshima, Jerusalem, Kabul, Lhasa, Monrovia, New York, Sarajevo, and Yerevan. Frank’s visit to Jerusalem in 1999 inspired her to produce the first painting in the series and to visualize the creation of other works representing additional cities that have survived strife. The series directs action through hopeful energy by celebrating the best of the human spirit, transforming anguish into beauty.

For more information about “Cities of Peace” visit: http://www.citiesofpeace.org/