Lecture by Dr. Barbara Zabel

Wired: Calder and Portraiture

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imagePortrait of Frank Crowninshield, 1928

Get to know Alexander Calder again, this time through the lens of portraiture, an often overlooked aspect of his career.  Barbara Zabel will talk about an exhibition she curated for the National Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian Institution, Calder’s Portraits, the first to focus on the artist as a prolific portraitist.  After arriving in Paris in 1926, Calder started bending wire into portrait likenesses of such public figures as Babe Ruth and Calvin Coolidge, entertainers Josephine Baker and Jimmy Durante, and art world figures and friends.  In portraiture, Calder found a way of showcasing facial features in flux, identity itself in flux. Barbara has written a book on the subject, copies of which will be available at the lecture. For more information on Calder’s Portraits, see http://www.npg.si.edu/exhibit/calder/index.html