A Tribute to Deane Keller; Lecture by Randy Melick

Deane G. Keller Endowed Chair of Classical Drawing and Figurative Art.
BA, Princeton University
MFA, The New York Academy of Figurative Art

Randolph Melick, Assoc. Prof. and Deane G. Keller Chair of Classical Drawing, offers a critical appreciation of Keller’s artistic achievement in his lecture, “A Moving Equilibrium”.  Prof. Melick highlights Keller’s deep involvement in drawing as a distinct artistic vocabulary and art form in its own right.  Distinguishing graphic symbols in the work of the artist and long-time Lyme teacher is presented as an outgrowth of Keller’s abiding interest in ideas of bodily movement, and in the capacity of classical idioms to convey movement vividly, precisely, and non-literally.