Lecture by Roger Mandle on December 9, 2015

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Confronting the original work of art, or even recognizing it as art, can challenge us.  The forms used by artists today are as dependent on the media they employ as always, yet these materials are becoming more ephemeral than ever.  The “touch” of the artist has been compromised or expanded – depending on your perspective – substantially by new materials and technologies.  From traditional realism to performance art, artists’ creations and our perceptions of them continue to evolve. 

Roger Mandle will explore the changes in artists’ approach to their world, their engagement with new media (and more traditional means of expression).  He will describe the new cultural interconnections that have expanded our notions of civilization and its challenges, and describe the values that infuse artists’ work today.  He will also describe the impact of the international art market and global political disruptions on artistic expression.  He will provide some new vantage points from which to judge and appreciate contemporary art.