Master Class on Monotypes: Techniques and Meaning with Nancy Friese

Why make a single print without an edition? The monotype medium has engrossed artists since the 1500’s from Giovanni Castiglioni’s beautiful figurative prints to contemporary artists and designers of pattern and color today. The pressed and transferred image brings a different type of luminosity, offers a new image arising from reversal, and captures shadows of stencils and overlays in an artist’s or designer’s work.

This week-long class will introduce watercolor monotype and oil monotype using printing presses. Students will learn the layering methods of waterbase monotypes and the additive and subtractive methods of oil base monotypes. Choices of subject will be open, but two critiques focusing on how technique, composition, and color serve one’s content will occur midway and at the end of the class. Participants can expect to complete at least one monotype per day in class or up to ten images in a final portfolio.

The fast-paced and forward-action print class will be open to all levels with some previous basic visual language. Safety along with press and printing etiquette will be a component. Students, professional artists and professional designers as well as collectors and individuals interested in the medium are welcome.