Landscape Drawing with Nancy Gladwell

Old Lyme became an art colony, in part, because of the atmospheric likeness to the Argenteuil region of France, inspiration to the great French Impressionists. With this in mind, this drawing workshop will mine the diverse topography and atmospheric conditions that have drawn artists to this region for more than a hundred years. Drawing is largely regarded as primary to other art forms as the discipline focuses in on the formal and aesthetic basis of art. Color is subjugated in order to dig more deeply into value, line, shape and surface texture as these elements are essential building blocks of graphic representation. Fundamental issues of art-making will be explored through basic drawing tools.

Students will address deep space vistas as well as intimate locales through a variety of media: colored chalk, charcoal, graphite, pen and ink and silverpoint. We will work on a variety of toned paper and hand prepared drawing surfaces as color subtly weaves its way into the discourse. Class discussions and objectives will revolve around a robust selection of masterworks from Leonardo through contemporary practitioners. Principles of composition will be introduced and discussed during working lunches.

Students should be prepared to work on location unless severe weather intervenes. Open to students at all levels.