Figure Sculpture with Kimberly Monson

This observational sculpture course makes use of a live model to investigate three-dimensional concepts and human form. Students will be introduced to the tools, materials, techniques and methods of modeling the human figure including armature building, clay application, elements of form, proportion, and visual anatomy. Observation of basic forms will begin the systematic study of convexity, concavity, planar orientation, projection, volume, silhouette, line, symmetry and proportion. These foundational concepts will be coupled with methods for accurately observing, measuring and depicting the figure in three-dimensions. The synthesis of these methodologies will be the cornerstone for assessing figural archetypes and anatomical structures.

Class demonstrations will be provided, but the emphasis will be on individual instruction to encourage the student’s own sense of personal expression. Critiques will be customized to the individual. Students of all abilities and experience are welcome.