The Expressive Photograph and the Landscape with Joe Standart

To be a fine craftsman, one must master the tools of one’s craft. This workshop explores the camera as an expressive tool, teaches the fundamentals of good camera technique, and puts those techniques and tricks to work during trips to some of Lyme’s most engaging landscapes. The goal is to reinforce a strong technical knowledge of the camera to enable our vision and creative expression to be realized.

Students will photograph the local environs, exploring the ways in which site selection, composition and viewpoint can influence work. The aim is to arouse new ideas from direct observation to discover one’s unique, expressive vision. The challenge is to explore light, texture, composition, and the nature of creativity itself, and discover ways to bring its power to your images. Each day will consist of an even division of field photography and photo editing in the digital media studio using Lightroom. The group will have the opportunity to develop a body of work highlighting the wonders of the Lyme landscape, which will then be displayed on the Lyme Land Conservation Trust’s website.

The workshop will open with an evening lecture by Joe Standart on great photographers and include highlights of his many years of experience photographing remote landscapes in the Namibian wilderness to the teaming bazaars of Morocco.

The course is designed for intermediate to advanced photographers working with the 35 mm digital format camera or larger and a basic knowledge of Adobe Lightroom.

Class demonstrations will be provided, but the emphasis will be on individual instruction to encourage the student’s own sense of personal expression. Critiques will be customized to the individual. Students of all abilities and experience are welcome.