Monotypes with Nancy Friese


Monotypes are known for their luminosity, transitional spatial readings sitting between a print and a painting, singular images, and more rapid printing pace. In six workshop sessions, we will use waterless inks and watercolors to create thematic images of the participants own choice. We will advance together first with control of the medium, then with intentional scale choices, and a variety of secondary options such as stencils, ghost runs, and free-form edges. Since Giovanni Castiglione’s immediate monotype explorations in the mid 1660’s, to Degas’s explorative and private monotypes in the late 1800’s to the larger realizations of artists today, the monotype medium has drawn artists of many disciplines to its realm.

All materials and supplies are available for purchase at our campus Art Store. For more information about hours visit:

imageFriese, Avondale Preserve, watercolor monotype

image Friese, River Meander, watercolor monotype