Plein Air Painting Workshop at Mystic Seaport with Eileen Eder


The workshop includes five intensive days of painting from observation on the waterfront at Mystic Seaport with master artist Eileen Eder. Eileen will provide daily demonstrations on the fundamental principles of painting methods and techniques, and provide special lessons each day. The accelerated and highly structured learning environment will help students make good decisions and become better painters. There will be individualized focus as well as group learning sessions.

For those seeking local accommodations, we recommend these area hotels:

  • Whaler’s Inn | 20 E Main Street | Mystic, CT
  • Hampton Inn | 6 Hendel Drive | Mystic, CT
  • Best Western Inn | 360 CT-12 | Groton, CT

  • Material’s List:

  • Outdoor portable easel (and umbrella)
  • Small drawing notebook and pencil
    Oil Paint:

  • White: large titanium or titanium and zinc mix
  • Simple palette:
  • Cadmium yellow light permanent red medium, ultramarine blue and burnt sienna (or transparent oxide red). For ease, add a cold and warm pre-mixed grey.  If you have similar colors already bring them, no need to buy new ones.
  • Additional colors you may add: cadmium lemon yellow, Naples yellow deep, cadmium yellow medium, indian yellow or yellow ochre permanent alizarin crimson or alizarin claret, cadmium red light cobalt blue, cerulean or phthalo blue
  • Brands:
    From least to more expensive: Utrecht, Windsor Newton, M Graham, Rembrant, Michael Harding, Williamsburg, Vasari
    *No student or super cheap grades. Always buy good high quality yellows.

    Traditional stretched canvas or canvas panels made for plein air painting (such as Centurion, Multimedia Art Board, New Traditions, Raymar, Raphael Premium Archival, Pissarro Panels). No cardboard canvas boards, they are going to curl and are never worth your time.

  • An inexpensive support for studies/homework is thick paper with a coat go gesso which works quite well.
  • sizes: 8 x 10, 9 x 12, 11 x 14, 10 x 20 or 12 x 16 you will need 8 -12 panels for the week.
  • Bring a roll of tape and a piece of cardboard to mount your smaller panels on while painting.
  • Favorite wet paint carriers are from Panel Pak.
    Palette Knives:
    Flexible metal, 1 small (1/2”), 1 medium (1-1/12”), triangular in shape

    Bristle Brushes:
    Long flats, add filberts if you prefer, sz. 4, 6, 8 & 10. My favorites are Silver Brush Bristlon Series or Rosemary Ivory long flats

  • Rags and paper towels, plastic bag for garbage and bulldog clip for bag