The Expressive Photograph and the Landscape - Level 2 with Joe Standart


To be a fine craftsman, one must master the tools of one’s craft. This workshop explores the camera as an expressive tool, teaches the fundamentals of good camera technique, and puts those techniques and tricks to work during trips to some of Lyme’s most engaging landscapes. The goal is to reinforce a strong technical knowledge of the camera to enable our vision and creative expression to be realized.


Designed for those who have completed Level 1, and others comfortable with the camera basics and interested in a more in depth exploration of the camera and Lightroom in the service of creating more expressive images.

This workshop will spend equal amounts of time on location deepening an understanding of the camera as an expressive tool, and in the studio working with Lightroom as both a powerful cataloging tool and as an image-enhancing tool.

The course will explore the elements that create a stronger composition and will have a chance to put them into practice on location. Improving one’s digital flow will be stressed. Additionally, students will explore Lightroom’s output capability with its Book and Slideshow modules.


  • Laptop (Optional)
  • Camera - 35mm camera and card reader are required. Instruction book suggested)
  • Tripod w/cable release
  • Card Reader & USB cable
  • Sturdy shoes
  •  Rain Gear
  • Suntan lotion
  • Bug repellant
  • Flashlight
  • Drinking Water
  • Lunch