The Expressive Photograph and the Landscape - Level 1 with Joe Standart

To be a fine craftsman, one must master the tools of one’s craft. This workshop explores the camera as an expressive tool, teaches the fundamentals of good camera technique, and puts those techniques and tricks to work during trips to some of Lyme’s most engaging landscapes. The goal is to reinforce a strong technical knowledge of the camera to enable our vision and creative expression to be realized.

This course is designed for those with a serious interest in photography, but do not yet have a full understanding of the camera or of the software to organize and enhance their images.

The course will explore the various aspects of the camera - what is Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO - and reveal how they work together to create more expressive photographs. The majority of the camera work will be on location in various stunning sights around the general Lyme area.

An equal amount of time will be spent in the studio learning how to catalog and enhance images using Lightroom. An emphasis will be placed on developing an understanding of efficient digital workflow. 

o Laptop (Optional)
o Camera - A 35mm camera is required (instruction book suggested)
o Tripod w/cable release
o Card Reader & USB cable
o Sturdy shoes
o Rain Gear
o Suntan lotion
o Bug repellant
o Flashlight
o Drinking Water
o Lunch