Figure Drawing with Jerry Weiss


This class will address basic aspects of figure drawing, which are relevant to both the beginning and more experienced draftsman. Our interests include placement of the figure on the page; gesture; proportions and measurement; lines of comparison; angles; symmetry and bilateral construction; notice of anatomical landmarks; variation of line; interior and exterior contours; and modeling of form by hatching and shading. The workshop will feature frequent demonstrations and references to examples by the masters, all intended to enhance our attention to and understanding of the living model before us. The intention is to encourage an understanding of the general principles of drawing the human figure, while working from the individual model and observing specific characterization. Poses will run from several minutes to several hours in duration.

Prerequisite: Intermediate Drawing Skills

  • Acid-free paper, 2Acid-free paper, 24 x 18 inches
  • Newsprint paper, 24 x 18 inches (optional for rapid drawings)
  • Board for backing of 24 x 18 paper
  • Graphite pencils, 2b and h hardness
  • Charcoal pencils, medium grade (4b)
  • Vine charcoal (soft)
  • Kneaded rubber
  • Single edge razor or similar tool for sharpening pencils4 x 18 inches