The Art of Sketching from Nature with Michael DiGiorgio

Explore the natural beauty of birds and wildlife in the ponds, fields and pastures on the grounds of Mitchell Farm in Salem, Connecticut. Learn to capture birds and other creature’s gestures with quick sketches and develop a drawing aesthetic with an emphasis on composition. Students will learn how to note the primary characteristics of their subjects and how to sketch their fast-moving behaviors in the field. This class will focus primarily on drawing birds, but will touch on other local wildlife and natural subjects.

The first sessions will be held indoors at Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, so that students will have the opportunity to study the anatomy and details of our subjects. The later classes will meet at the Mitchell Farm in Salem and involve working in the fields and at natural areas nearby. Students will leave the class with the skills and knowledge to draw their chosen subjects directly from life, and eventually to use those drawings for reference in their studio work.

Supplies Needed:

  • A range of drawing pencils from B to 8B
  • A mixed media sketchbook about 9” x 12”
  • Transparent Watercolor pan set with at least 12 colors
  • An assortment of good quality brushes (#3,5,6 rounds)