Intaglio Printmaking, Part II with Nancy Friese

Methods include Line Etching, Soft Ground, Spit Bite and Sugar Lift

The term Intaglio includes etching, which uses acid to create lines and tone. Etching can create a natural, rustic line paired with an atmospheric tonality.  Etching is the only method of printmaking where the artist’s hand wipes the surface of the copper to create the quality of the print. It is an intimate and humanistic method of working.  This second level introductory class will focus on these acid processes: line etching, soft ground, spit bite and sugar lift. All methods will be demonstrated in the first class and printing will begin the second class.  Advanced printmakers can carry the methods from the first introductory class into the second or choose to work anew. Printing will be continue on the newly acquired Brand etching press and weekly studio proofing, printing and production will be interspersed with short work station critiques. Beginners and collectors are welcome.

Supplies Needed

  • Two sheets of Rives BFK or Arches printmaking paper
  • Two copper plates $25 or $100
  • Etching tool scribe $11 minimum
  • Black aqua wash $10
  • Cheap brushes $ 5 ...three sizes small, medium, large
  • One good quality brush
  • Gloves $6
  • (class will provide one scraper and one burnisher for use in class, but these may be bought in the Art Store too)