Intaglio Printmaking

Intaglio Printmaking - Part I with Nancy Friese: Subtle in Non-Acid Methods of Engraving, Drypoint and Roulette


Nancy Friese, River, Line Etching, Drypoint and Roulette, 15” x 15”, Courtesy Cade Tompkins Project

Prints can be popular, intimate, reproducible, surprising and enduring.  Intaglio is a broad term for a print that refers to the cut line or dot made by hand or acid. We will focus on three non-acid processes of intaglio including engraving, drypoint and roulette done on either/and copper or plexiglass. All methods will be demonstrated the first class and printing will begin the second class.  Participants can select one method to work with for the five weeks or integrate two methods.  Imagery development and an introductory facility are goals for new print artists or print lovers. Advanced printmakers can delve deeper into sharp, fuzzy and systematized marks. Printing will be done on the newly acquired Brand etching press and weekly studio proofing, printing and production will be interspersed with short critiques.

Materials List
Two sheets
Rives Drypoint tool
Burin Tool
Roulette Tool
Black Aqua Wash ink
One copper plate  
One plexiglass plate

Nancy Friese, River Falls, Drypoint and Chine Colle, 8” x 16”, Courtesy Cade Tompkins Project”