Foundations and Explorations in Oil Painting               with Jeremy Santiago-Horseman

This foundational painting course is designed to help the student develop and improve the use of form, color, and value to create dynamic compositions. Through the practice of observational still life and interior painting, the student will learn traditional methods of oil paint application, such as alla prima, underpainting, glazing and scumbling.During this course, students will receive practical classroom instructions along with thorough individual reviews by the instructor.  As the course progresses, each student will learn how to incorporate the use of photographic references to supplement their learned observational painting skills and techniques. This course is open to and useful to all levels of experience.
image Jeremy Santiago-Horseman, Party
imageJeremy Santiago-Horseman, Shadow Dancing in Baltimore

Material’s List

Suggested brands for oil paints could be (less to more expensive) Utrecht, Gamblin, Windsor Newton, Old Holland or Michael Harding.
1. Cad Yellow Medium 37ml
2. Cad Yellow Light 37ml
3. Cad Red Medium 37ml
4. Alizarin Crimson 37ml
5. Magenta 37ml
6. Ultramarine Blue 37ml
7. Phthalocyanine Blue 37ml
8. Titanium White 200 ml
9. *Zinc White 37ml

Princeton Synthetic Brtistle
1. Large Flat, 2”
2. Medium Flat, 1”
3. Small Flat, ¾”
1. Medium round, no 4
2. Small Round , no 2
3. Small Round, no 1.
4. Medium No. 6
5. No. 4
6. No.2

1-2 Pallette Knives, spade shaped, one small, one medium
2-3 Soft Sable, blending brushes

1. Liquin
2. Stand oil,
3. Solvent, GAMSOL only
4. Damar Varnish

Proper Jars for medium and solvents, Glass jars with a tight screw top
One Wood Panel, Primed
1. 16x20
2 Canvases
1. 12x18
1. 24x18
Palette for mixing:  plexiglass, wood, or large grey disposable. Gamsol odorless solvent ONLY. 

Rags and a roll of paper towels (Viva is best)