August 2015- Landscape Painting with T. Allen Lawson

“Painting with a Purpose”

August 2 through August 7, 2015

A painting is much more than a reproduction of what one sees. It must include the intellectual and emotional response of the painter to his or her subject.

This class will focus on that most important and all too overlooked element in painting: What is your response and how do you clarify it? Emphasis will be placed on selecting, arranging, rearranging, editing, and harmonizing a painting with one central theme. Composition, drawing, value and color and their importance in solidifying that central theme will be examined in depth.

This intensive workshop will provide students with a 5-day, in-depth program under the direction of renowned painter T. Allen Lawson. The day-to-day activities will include painting in the historic shoreline areas associated with eastern Connecticut and the Connecticut River Valley, affectionately referred to as the Birthplace of American Impressionism. Additionally, students will have access to Lyme Academy College’s studios and local cultural and arts institutions. Finally, there will be some evening programs of lectures and slides, along with continued art making and/or local entertainment.

Rather than expecting to complete a number of finished works, students will embark on paintings and complete the workshop with the ability to think clearly, the knowledge to compose solidly, and the confidence to explore the possibilities of any subject.