Alain J. Picard: The Painterly Portrait

June 15-16

In this workshop, we will work from the live model, learning how to light, pose, and paint our subject using pastel to create lifelike painterly portraits.
Alain will begin each day with a full demonstration of the painterly approach to pastel using the live model. These demonstrations will cover explanations of pastel portrait techniques for creating an accurate likeness, establishing clear and simple values, evaluating warm and cool color relationships and selecting skin tones, developing a painterly style, and harnessing the power of strong design. We’ll also cover the successful posing and lighting of the subject. Each of Alain’s portrait demonstrations will cover a unique model and skin color so that students can observe how skin color decisions are made with different subjects. Students will then work each day from the live model, creating their own sketches and painterly portraits.

June 15-16 CT Pastel Society Workshop Canceled



This Workshop is limited to 18 students.


$290.00 for CPS Members
$315.00 for Non-CPS Members

Tuition includes workshop, catered Continental breakfast and box lunches, and a ticket to the Artist Lecture by Alain J. Picard on June 15th, 2017 at 7:00PM.

Demo Paintings:

Unframed demonstration paintings for sale to workshop participants during the workshop. Estimated price for a two-hour demo painting: $400.00.


Workshop attendees can choose to stay on campus in the fully furnished, air-conditioned Southwick Commons Townhomes College studios.They are two story, 2 bedroom, 2 bath units with full kitchen, garage and washer/dryer, and AC in each unit. Shared Occupancy (private bedroom & bathroom, shared common space, washer/dryer, and kitchen) is available at a cost of $125 per night or $500/four nights.
Private Occupancy (rental of a full townhouse) is available at a cost of $1,250/four nights. (Partners/family members welcome. Maximum of 4 people in a unit.)
Other housing is available at local Inns in range of $230/night.


Continental breakfast and box lunches served each day are included in tuition. Dinners are responsibility of attendee. There will be access to local markets and restaurants. As noted above, townhouses have kitchens.

Additional Details

Attendees can arrive anytime after 12 noon on Tuesday, June 13 with instruction to begin on Wednesday, June 14 for Margaret Dyer’s workshop or Thursday, June 15 for Alain Picards workshop. Check out after instruction ends on Friday, June 16 or no later than 10 a.m. on Saturday, June 17.

Materials List:

  • Soft Pastels - Bring a large variety of colors. A 60 piece set is appropriate.
  • Terry Ludwig, Great American, Schminke, Unison, Sennelier, Girault Hard Pastels- A small selection of 12-24. Cretacolor, Faber-Castell, NuPastel (for portraits bring ochres, browns, warm flesh tones and white)
  • Single edge razor blade for sharpening hard pastels to a point
  • Extra Soft Vine or Willow charcoal for preliminary sketching
  • Vine Charcoal
  • Sandpaper sharpening block
  • Pastel paper – Bring an assortment, three sheets or more. White or toned in earth or grey tones. Sizes: 9 x 12”, 12 x 18”, 16 x20”, 18x24”
  • For wet or dry application: UART, Art Spectrum Velour and Colourfix, Pastelmat, Sabretooth, Canson Touch.
  • For dry application only: Canson Mi Teintes, La Carte Pastel Card) *
  • Backing board- slightly larger then paper size (foam board, gatorboard, chipboard, drawing board).
  • Gatorboard
  • Sanded pastel paper scraps for color studies. Bring few, small 3x5” or 4x6”
  • Pastel Travel Box - Optional but Recommended for palette arrangement and travel.
  • Heilman Box
  • Dakota Traveler
  • Small Sketchpad for thumbnail sketching
  • Soft pencil (2B-6B or Ebony) and kneaded erasers
  • Ebony Pencil

Lyme Academy of Fine Arts offers a professional fully lighted studio space with easels, benches and tables, restrooms, dining facilities and on site security if you prefer to keep your pastels in the studio over night.