Continuing Education and Pre-College



Non-Matriculating Students

Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts is often approached by artists in the community who want serious artistic study without being officially enrolled in a degree-seeking program. We offer the opportunity for adults with previous art experience to register for credit courses within our BFA programs and to study with our renowned BFA Faculty, working side-by-side in the classroom with degree-seeking students.


In addition to degree programs, the College offers the opportunity for students to take a wide range of non-credit classes throughout the year for beginning to advanced adults and high school students. These classes are flexibly scheduled to complement work and school schedules. Classes are held in the fall, spring, and summer so be sure to check regularly for new seasonal schedules and registration information.

Community Students Non-credit classes for adults are offered throughout the year at the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts.  These classes offer the opportunity to work in a studio setting with skilled artists who can provide expert instruction at all levels.  Some of the many reasons that our adult students return each year are to work with established artists in the regional community, to build portfolios for entrance into credit-carrying courses at the College, and to advance their skills in various mediums and techniques.  Adult Continuing Education classes are designed to augment the strengths of the core degree programs with special interest topics and professional development. Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts Pre-College programs are designed for students aged 15 to up who want to explore and expand their artistic abilities. All Pre-College programs aim to foster creativity, build artistic skill, and mentor personal vision in young artists. The College offers Saturday and night classes through the academic year and a very intensive Summer Pre-College Portfolio Development Program during the day.