Admissions on the Road

Our Admissions Representatives travel extensively throughout the country to meet with talented prospective students. We participate in National Portfolio Days, college fairs and regional high school events. Check the schedule listed below to find us at an event near you.

2014-2015 Travel Schedule

New dates added regularly—please check back frequently for the latest updates.

National Portfolio Days

10/04/14   Houston, TX
10/05/14   Dallas, TX & Columbus, Ohio
10/11/14   Los Angeles, CA
10/18/14   Hartford, CT
10/19/14   Boston, MA
11/08/14   Toronto, ON
11/09/14   Philadelphia, PA
11/15/14   Purchase, NY
11/16/14   NYC, Javitz, NY
11/22/14   Washington, DC
11/23/14   Baltimore, MD
01/10/14   Seattle, WA
01/11/14   Portland, OR
01/17/15   San Francisco, CA
01/18/15   San Diego, CA
01/24/15   Miami, FL
01/25/15   Sarasota, FL

Regional Portfolio Days

10/16/14   Greenfield Community College, MA
10/20/14   Aldrich, CT
10/25/14   Syracuse, NY
10/26/14   Montclair, NJ
11/07/14   Mill Street Loft, NY
11/13/14   Albany, NY
11/14/14   Huntington, NY
11/20/14   Anne Arundell, DC