Tuition & Fees

Annual Tuition (2016-2017)

Full-Time: $30,496 (12-18 credits per semester)

Credits over full-time designation are charged on a per-credit basis.Part-time matriculated students are charged on a per-credit basis.

Per-Credit Charge: $1,270

General Student Fee, full-time students: $1,726

General Student Fee, less than full-time: $72/credit

Student Health Insurance: $1,315

Housing Activity Fee: $50/semester

Housing Fee: $3,650/semester

Printmaking Lab Fee: $50/course

Continuing Education Students

Students attending non-degree courses run by the Center for Arts Programming should refer to their website and publications for information on course offerings and tuition rates.

Enrollment Commitment Deposit

Students who have been accepted for either our fall or spring semester must submit a non-refundable enrollment commitment deposit in order to secure a spot in our class. This fee is $500 for students who wish to live in university-sponsored housing and $300 for students who plan to commute. Please note that $300 of all deposits (both resident and commuter) is applied as a separate fee for orientation and registration. It is not applied towards tuition bills. The additional $200 for resident students is applied directly to the student’s housing bill.