Tuition & Fees

Enrollment Commitment Deposit

Students who have been accepted for either our fall or spring semester must submit a non-refundable enrollment commitment deposit in order to secure a spot in our class. This fee is $500 for students who wish to live in university-sponsored housing and $300 for students who plan to commute. Please note that $300 of all deposits (both resident and commuter) is applied as a separate fee for orientation and registration. It is not applied towards tuition bills. The additional $200 for resident students is applied directly to the student’s housing bill.

Annual Tuition (2014-2015)

Full-Time: $28,824 (12-18 credits per semester)

Credits over full-time designation are charged on a per-credit basis
Part-time matriculated students are charged on a per-credit basis

Per-Credit Charge: $1,201

General Student Fee, full-time students: $1,632

General Student Fee, less than full-time: $68/credit

Housing Activity Fee: $50/semester

Housing Fee: $3400/semester

Printmaking Lab Fee: $50/course

Non-Matriculated Students

Non-matriculated students may enroll for up to 11.5 credits per semester.

Tuition: $600/credit

General Student Fee: $68/credit

If a Non-Matriculated student (enrolled for credit/evaluation) matriculates to the BFA Degree or Certificate Program, the difference in cost per credit previously earned compared to the current academic year tuition rate will be charged as a matriculation fee and be due promptly.

Continuing Education Students

Students attending courses run by the Division of Continuing Education should refer to the Continuing Education publications for information on course offerings and tuition rates.

Payment Due Dates

Matriculated, Non-Matriculated, Post-Baccalaureate & Certificate Students
A $50 late fee will be applied to any account with an unpaid balance after the due date, and for every month following, until the balance is paid in full.  Late fees are non-negotiable.

Fall Semester:

Full payment of tuition and fees is due by August 1.

Spring Semester:

Full payment of tuition and fees is due by January 5. 

For students who are delinquent in their financial accounts with the College, grades, transcripts and diplomas will be withheld, and library privileges and future registrations will be suspended until accounts are paid in full.

Additionally, in the event that an account becomes delinquent, the College reserves the right to assign the account to a collection agency and/or report it to the credit bureaus.  The student will be responsible for paying all associated collection costs and/or legal expenses.

Continuing Education Students

Payment is due at the time of registration.  Registrations will not be processed until payment in full has been received.  See Continuing Education publications for more information.

International Students

Payment must be received by published due dates in order to access classes. Bank checks and money orders must be drawn on a U.S. bank and written in U.S. dollars, made payable to Lyme at UNH.  To avoid delays in meeting payment requirements, we recommend opening a bank account in the United States before arriving.  Your Embassy or local bank can assist you with financial questions and the transferring of funds. 

Financial Responsibility

Failure to receive a tuition bill or to secure financial aid in a timely manner does not relieve a student of responsibility for payment of tuition and fees by the due date. (August 1 for the Fall semester; January 5 for the Spring semester.) Registration is not complete until tuition and fees have been paid in full, or satisfactory arrangements have been made with the Director of Student Accounts. As part of the registration process, all students acknowledge that they are responsible for payment of their student accounts and related expenses.It is also the student’s responsibility to keep his/her mailing address up-to-date with the Office of Student Services.

Educational Tax Benefits

A 1098T tax form will be furnished to all eligible students who have a valid tax identification number (social security number) on file.  The College reports the amount billed for qualified tuition and fees during the previous calendar year.  1098T tuition statements will be mailed to the student’s permanent address on record each year that a qualifying transaction is made.  Please note that statements reflect the “Amounts Billed” method, where you may find the amounts actually paid in your own records.

The College does not offer tax advice; please consult your tax advisor.

Publication 970:  Tax Benefits for Higher Education.

Please note that if someone is filing benefits on behalf of the student and requires information from the College, written authorization must be on file with the Business Office before the student’s account will be discussed with anyone other than the student.
Release of Student Financial Information Form

Release of Financial Information

Unless a signed Release of Student Information Form is on file in the Business Office, the College can not release any student financial information to a third party, including parents, spouses and employers.

Forms of Payment

Cash payments may be made in the Business Office.
Checks should be made payable to Lyme at UNH and can be mailed to the Director of Student Accounts attention, or delivered in person.
Credit CardsThe College accepts MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express. Credit card payments should be made online using the following link:
Returned Checks
Checks returned for non-payment incur a $25 fee. When a returned check results in a late payment of tuition and fees, all College privileges will be suspended until full payment is received by the Director of Student Accounts.