Transfer Students

Transfer Application Requirements

Transfer Credit Evaluations are completed after the Applicant’s initial acceptance to the College. An Admission Counselor will work with you throughout the application process to determine if additional materials are required to evaluate credit transfer and properly place you into our programs. These materials may include:

Transfer Credit Policy
Courses meeting all of the following criteria are considered eligible for transfer into the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts curriculum:

Your success at Lyme Academy College is our first priority. Studio Art courses will be evaluated by your Department Chair. Liberal Arts courses will be evaluated by the Liberal Arts Chair. A final Transfer Credit Evaluation can be expected within 7-10 business days from the date of your initial acceptance. The College will make every effort to accept the maximum allowable amount of credits without sacrificing your education. We look forward to working with you throughout this process.

Maximum Transferrable Credit

Residency Requirement


Transfer Credit by Portfolio:

A maximum of 18 credits may be granted to applicants by portfolio review for artistic experience independent of any coursework.  Credit by portfolio is granted only for studio work done prior to matriculation at the College. Academic standing and course credits based on portfolio review are determined by the appropriate Department Chair during the admission process. This portfolio work cannot have formed any part of the assigned work for a secondary or post-secondary course that was included on a transcript and/or graded as a credit-bearing course.

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement Courses (AP) in which a score of 4 or above has been earned may be eligible for transfer credit towards the College’s Liberal Arts requirements. Please note: an applicant may receive credit for no more than three AP courses maximum. Due to the specialized nature of the education here at the College, we regret that we can not currently accept any AP Studio Art credits.