Three-Year Certificate

The 90-credit Certificate in Painting or Sculpture is a program for students who do not wish to pursue a BFA degree, usually because they already have an undergraduate degree.  The three-year Certificate program includes the same balanced curriculum as the bachelor’s program with fewer studio and liberal arts requirements.

No more than 45 credits may be transferred into the 90-credit total needed for the Certificate. At least three semesters of enrollment are required to be completed at the College, the last two of which must be the consecutive semesters of the senior year.


The College requires the submission of official transcripts from all previously-attended high schools, colleges and credit-granting programs. High school transcripts are not required if you already hold a four-year degree. Official transcripts can be obtained by requesting them online or in writing from each school previously attended. Transcripts should be official and arrive in signed and sealed envelopes.

Test Scores:

ACT or SAT scores are required unless you have completed two full years of college.  Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts considers each applicant’s highest test score. Send Official SAT and/or ACT scores directly to the College. For the SAT, use school code #1791 and for the ACT, use code #0566.

Personal Statement:

Please submit a (minimum of 350 words) statement expressing your goal to obtain a Certificate of Painting or Sculpture. What do you hope to accomplish?  What is you background in the arts?  Why do you hope to attend the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts? How do you feel that a Certificate could help you to attain your artistic and professional goals?