Student Organization

Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Organization is intended to reflect the overall mission of the college; that is, to provide the best education in Drawing, Painting, Illustration, and Sculpture through the study of the history, traditions, and principles of the fine arts and liberal arts, thereby establishing a comprehensive foundation for the development of the artist.

The Student Organization exists to work in harmony with the overall mission by providing leadership opportunities as well as social and cultural activities from which students can learn and develop in holistic ways. With the belief that the major responsibility for personal and social development rests with the student, the Student Organization recognizes that a student’s total environment is educational and must be used to achieve full individual development. The purpose of improving and enhancing that environment is a guiding influence for the mission of the Student Organization. The Student Organization will work to ensure that their endeavors provide students with appropriate levels of challenge and support. It will work to identify needs, solve problems, and act as a representative voice of the students of this institution.

Goals and Objectives

  1. The Student Organization seeks to promote campus unity through greater understanding of the manner in which all decisions affect separate areas of the College community.
  2. The Student Organization works closely with faculty and their advisor to communicate regarding student needs, interests, and concerns.
  3. The Student Organization works on special projects to gain leadership experience, contribute towards student events, and provide structure towards any defined goal that they may set.
  4. The Student Organization shall work to bring the ideas and opinions of the student body
  5. the administration and act as a conduit between these two important groups.


  1. The Student Organization shall meet a minimum of four times per semester for no less than 30 minutes each.
  2. The structure of the Student Organization shall consist of two Co-Chairs and a Student Advisory Council. The Co-Chairs will work closely with the Student Organization Advisor to achieve the goals of the group. The Student Advisory Council will provide guidance and assistance to the Co-Chairs. At least one Co-Chair must be present at all meetings.
  3. A meeting shall include at least one co-chair and 3 out of 5 members of the Student Chairs Council to be considered a valid meeting.
  4. Co-Chairs or members of the Student Advisory Council who miss more than two consecutive meetings may be voted out of their positions by the Student Organization. Sporadic, unreliable attendance is also grounds for removal by majority vote.
  5. The Student Organization shall have a student representative from each class, as well as a Continuing Studies Student. There must always be at least one representative from the painting department and one representative from the sculpture department.
  6. All currently enrolled students are members of the Student Organization and may attend any scheduled meeting.
  7. All meetings shall follow the same format: call to order, minutes of previous meeting, announcements, unfinished business, new business, open agenda and reading of the suggestion box, and adjournment.
  8. Members of the Student Organization holding volunteer or nominated posts (i.e., Co-Chairs and Student Advisory Council) shall be representative of the College, upholding good moral character, sound judgment, and the highest ethics at all times. Any lapses are grounds for removal by a majority vote.
  9. A special committee can be appointed for opportunities that require extensive research or planning. There are no quorum requirements for a committee meeting.
  10. An announcement to the College’s Student Community regarding positions as a Co-Chair or member of the Student Advisory Council shall be made at the end of each academic year to inform potential candidates of the opportunity to serve.
  11. The time period for commitment to serving as either a Co-Chair or member of the Student Advisory Council is one academic year. If a person who has just served a term wishes to renew the position for an additional year, he/she may do so as long as there is no one else seeking the position. If there is, then an election may be necessary.
  12. Students that are selected to serve as Co-Chairs or on the Student Advisory Council are volunteers or accept a nomination. Should there be a disagreement as to who should serve, an election will be held. Election rules and regulations to be determined as necessary.

Academic Affairs Committee Student Representative

Each year the Academic Affairs Committee selects a candidate who will be able to offer critical insight from a student perspective and represent the student body to the best of his or her ability.

The Academic Affairs Committee, a subcommittee of the Board of Trustees, exists to offer oversight and planning for key areas of the college program. The committee meets
approximately four times per year. All students interested should submit a brief essay to the Assistant Dean explaining why they feel they would be good candidates. Essays are accepted until the position is filled.