Non-Traditional Students

If you’re older and considering returning to school, you’re not alone. Like others, you probably have many questions, including: “Can I apply for college financial aid?”

Yes, your age makes no difference; neither does whether you work or attend college part-time or full-time. You must, however, show financial need and be enrolled in a degree program (taking at least six credits) in order to be eligible to receive Federal and most State aid.  If you already have an Undergraduate Degree you will not be eligible for the Federal PELL Grant, but you can still apply for Loans.

“How is financial need determined?”
Your Federal financial need is determined by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), available on the web at  Our school code # for the FAFSA is 001397.  You also must file the FAFSA to have your eligibility determined for the federal student loans or for your parent to apply for the federal parent PLUS loan.

“Is there Merit Aid available?”
Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts offers merit scholarships as well as need-based assistance. All students who complete the Admissions application process are considered for merit scholarships with priority given to those who complete the application process by February 15. Students are notified of their financial aid awards, including scholarships, shortly after being offered admission to the College, presuming that all the necessary paperwork has been submitted.

Veterans Benefits
If you are a veteran, you should first determine if you qualify for Veterans educational benefits and what your benefits will cover by contacting Veterans Affairs to speak with your VA counselor.  Information regarding eligibility for Veterans educational benefits is available on-line at

More information is available in our Useful links for Veteran Students