March 28 2011

Michael Viera, BFA Class of 1996, exhibiting in Santa Fe

Face to Face, a portrait show featuring the work of Michael Viera, BFA Class of 1996, opened March 18 and will run until April 30, 2011 at the Gerald Peters Gallery in Santa Fe. The gallery is located at 1011 Paseo De Peralta in Santa Fe and its hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm. Viera is represented by the Gerald Peters Gallery (NYC and Santa Fe) and Peter Marcelle Contemporary (the Hamptons).

Writing for Pasatiempo Magazine, the arts and culture magazine published by the Sante Fe New Mexican, Douglas Fairfield had this to say about Viera’s work: “Another image of blank stares—with looks that go right through you—is Happy Hour, a painting by Michael Viera. Executed in a style reminiscent of 16th-century Dutch portraiture—- subdued in palette and sparse in subject matter—Viera presents two women dressed in blue sack dresses sitting next to each other on what appears to be a church pew. The room is entirely dark, except for the illuminated faces of the two women, who may be related by blood or sacred vows. The title—a misnomer if ever there was one—is a wink of the artist’s dry humor. Viera’s women may indeed be sitting in a tavern waiting for their pints of ale, but the ambience of the place is given more to reverent convocation than riotous chug-a-lug.”

Fairfield adds “...Face to Face is a terrific show and a great learning tool, particularly for a studio class devoted to the figure. The great Austrian artist Oskar Kokoschka once said ‘The life of the soul is expressed by man in his art ... The mystery of the soul is like that of a closed door. When you open it, you see something which was not there before.’ Face to Face opens myriad doors.”

MIchael Viera, ‘96, Happy Hour

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