April 18 2012

Lucian Goff Wins First Place in Prestigious Stewardson Sculpture Competition

Lucian Goff, a junior at the College, was recently awarded first place in the Stewardson Sculpture Competition which was held at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA).  The contest was a three day competition, comprising a total of 18 hours.  Seventeen students/artists worked their way through a very difficult pose and at the finish, all looked tired but satisfied.

This year’s judge was sculptor Richard Blake.

The Stewardson Competition was established in 1899 by Edmund Stewardson.  This annual figure modeling competition is open to students from five east coast art academies plus PAFA, and emphasizes the figure’s significance in sculpture. It brought together exceptionally talented artists who were able to exchange ideas and form friendships and memories.  Along with the cash prize, two copies of Mr. Goff’s sculpture will be cast.  One will remain at PAFA and become part of that college’s on-going collection of Stewardson winners.  The second will be presented to the artist.

Congratulations, Lucian!

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