College Will Re-Open Wednesday
Cleanup from the latest snow storm is proceeding well. The Lyme campus will re-open at its regularly scheduled time on Wednesday, 1/28. All classes will resume as scheduled at 8:30 a.m.

Please avoid campus until Wednesday morning as snow removal is in progress.

Board of Trustees


Eileen Eder
John Gallant
Tracey Jacey, Treasurer
Suzanne Joffray
Robert Manice
Alison G. McCall
Laura Lee Miller-Bowes, Secretary
Robert W. Pratt, Jr., Ph.D, Co-Chairman
Alex Richardson
Wayne O. Southwick, MD, Lifetime Trustee
John Schroeder
Patricia Spratt
Stephen Tagliatela
John Visgilio, Co-Chairman
Todd Jokl, Campus Dean
Nancy Peel Gladwell, Faculty Representative

Founding Trustee

Elisabeth Gordon Chandler de Gerenday (1913-2006)

Chairs Emeriti

Paul C. Harper, Jr. (1920-2013)
Astrid S. Horan
Diana Atwood Johnson
Alan Proctor, PhD
Robert M. Schneider
Martin Wolman
L. Robert Wood

Trustees Emeriti

Polly Merrill
David Pease